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This was inspired by a true story...

T he story began with a person named Joe, who, like everyone else, had to work to make a living. Every day Joe awoke at 7:00, took the same bus, said “hello” to the same people, and arrived at the same grey cubicle. Joe did the same routine, until it came to the point where he did not know when the day began or when it ended. The world around him seemed to turn as grey as his cubicle.

Until one day, a gift arrived at his desk. It was a small painting. Joe was mesmerized by how the colors were bold, bright, and beautiful. Joe placed this painting next to his computer and continued his daily work routine.

However, each day upon arriving at his cubicle he would look at his painting and notce a different shape, color, and detail.

Suddenly the world around him began to look different. He began taking the bus at 7:15, said “hello” to new people, and arrived to his painting, not his cubicle. Joe realized that his view of life was absorbed by routine and centered around his cubicle box. This painting re-opeend his eyes to the world and people around him.

“When are you going to look outside the box?”

Words from the Artist

"There are rare moments in life when you catch a dream and hold it so tight that you can feel it at the core. Work art world is my dream and represents how I see life.
Each painting is hand crafted from my home, a place which cultivates warmth and creativity. Each piece captures the colors, emotion, individuality, and humor which make life, especially work, bearable. Through the help and support of many amazing people, who have contributed their time, love, and dedication, this dream has become a reality.

In addition to working on pieces for Work Art World, I work with individuals coping with life-threatening illness and give them an opportunity to convey their feelings and experiences through creating art at the bedside and in the Infusion Center where patients receive chemotherapy treatment. Using Art in this form has given me an appreciation for its ability to heal and give self expression. Each person I work with touches my life in some way, leaving an impression which will stay with me always. For more info on Art for Recovery: http://cc.ucsf.edu/afr/ "

Kimiko Sakuma
Artist and Founder