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Decorating Tips: Size Suggestions for Office Pieces

All Work Art Pieces are geared toward improving the office setting but can also be use outside of the work setting. Whether you are giving one to a friend, decorating your room, or wish to add color, Work Art Pieces are perfect for any office or home environment.

Notice how the pieces below add vibrant color and life to an otherwise sterile work space.

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Recommended for a cubicle or desk with limited space, lacking color and creativity. A 5"x7" Work Art Piece will add just enough color and invidividuality to brighten up the surrounding environment.


Recommended for an office space that is
medium in size. If you have a cubicle that is already crowded, it could go against one of the walls and not directly on the desk.


9"X12", bigger

Recommended for an office space that is
medium to large in size. 9"X12" pieces take up a little more space on the desk, but could be placed against the wall to save space. The larger pieces could be hung in a office as a decoration piece.